Monday, December 5, 2011

3 days!!

We have 3 days left until settlement Friday! Woohoo! I can't do a count down like others have done because we are looking forward to EVERYTHING...having our own space again, not sharing a room with 2 cats & a dog, unpacking our belongings from storage (they've been there for 10 months!), getting back to a routine...oh I could go on and on.

Our PM emailed over the weekend to ask that our walk through be changed to Friday morning. He assured me that if anything needed to be fixed, he'd be able to get it done before the quality inspection 2-4 weeks after closing. I'm sure he'll come through. He's been awesome so far

We bought the last of the appliances yesterday. They'll be delivered Saturday. We bought a KitchenAid side-by-side stainless steel fridge and a Whirlpool mircowave (with the clean release coating on the inside). The KitchenAid fridge was our #1 pick and the Whirlpool Gold was our #2. We've been watching them for weeks but neither has gone on sale & they were only $100 price difference. We saved 15% with the friends & family special at Sears. It was still a little more than we wanted to pay, but we figure we'll have it for a long time and we got amazing deals on everything kinda evened out

We are very unhappy with our "upgraded" oven. It's so ugly. It's mostly black plastic with stainless accents. It looks super cheap. I'm nervous that my husband will break the plastic knobs the first time he uses them. Hopefully sales rep will be able to do something. I'd even be willing to pay the difference for another oven. It's the only thing that we are really unhappy with...

The last time we were at the house was right after Thanksgiving. Everything was still dirty and covered up with paper or protective wrap. We love the landscaping they did and can't wait to see everything clean & beautiful inside!

Our dog, Decklan, really enjoyed the warm weather! He's very excited about his new digs!


  1. Your house looks beautiful. The carriage style garage door looks great. Sorry to hear about your stove. Did you get the gas or electric range? Hope your sales rep will be able to work something out for you. Good luck with settlement on Friday!!

  2. Thanks SW! We have a gas stove. They are fixing it by ordering stainless steel knobs. We're going to re-evaluate once the new knobs are on, but Ryan thinks this will fix it...and to give them credit, in the pic of the upgrade, that's the only difference.

    On another note, I went in the house last night. I just couldn't wait to see it until Friday. I'm glad I did! Our granite has what looks like a crack in the island. Our Sales Rep went in with me to look and agreed it was terrible. We don't think it's an actual crack - just an optical illusion. The pattern of the granite has a dark line through the width and light on each side. I'm confident they'll get it fixed...probably by replacing the granite on the island.

  3. Congrats on settlement!!! Hope everything went well. We have the gas stove too. I never really noticed the knobs but you have me thinking about them. It will be nice of them to fix the island on the granite. Even if its not an actual crack, it sounds very noticable and it's not something I would want to live with everyday. Can I ask where your seam is on the kitchen counters. Mine is like 6 inches to the left of the sink and I hate it there. I already complained to my PM and the granite installers are coming by Monday to look at it. Just some other things if you wanted to consider: We didn't like the very thin wood (or veneer) paneling on the back of the island. It's very filmsy. PM is going to add some reinforcement to it make it stronger. I also had PM move the cabs above the fridge towards the front edge (previously it was flushed to the back wall). Our sliding door also didn't have a lock (The lever was there but it wouldn't lock). I am long due for a post! We won't be moving in until Christmas eve. I had painters in this week and they are still not done! I hope to update with new pics soon. Enjoy your new home! Are you moving in right away?

  4. Congratulations on your new home. Your colors so far look great. We are also building a Ryan Home in Maryland. We're just getting started: