Monday, November 14, 2011

Good deals!

We got out settlement date in the mail this past week - Dec 9th!! It'll be here before we know it! The tile was put in the bathrooms and laundry, the whole house was painted, and our granite was installed. We are so happy with the color!
We STILL don't have siding on the house, but it was delivered over the weekend. We are hoping to see it up this week! Once we have siding, I'll update the pictures :)

We took advantage of some MAJOR pre-holiday sales. Ashley furniture was having a half off sale and the couch/love seat we wanted was already half off. We ended up paying 1500 for a couch, loveseat, and 2 end tables, free delivery, plus a 5 yr warranty that covers pet stains and tears (my dog is allowed on the furniture!). Every single seat reclines and it's super cozy.

Hogan - Mocha 2-Seat Reclining Sofa by Signature Design
We also bought a washer/dryer set. It's a platinum Samsung front loader - originally $1599.00 a piece. After sales and discounts, we got them for $693.00 a piece (pretax). WOW!

samsung washer and dryer

I can't wait to go black Friday shopping!! We are hoping to get just as good of a deal on our fridge and microwave.


  1. Dec. 9th is less than a months away! (it's my sister's settlement date too). It'll be here before you know it! Hope the packing is going well!

    Love your selections here! And it does sound like you got really good deals. Always a plus. =)

    Can't wait to see your updated pics!

  2. Wow - wish we had the money to go shopping right now - those are awesome deals!

  3. I was at our local Lowes this weekend and saw this fridge on sale until the 28th. Samsung 28.5 Cu. Ft. French Door Refrigerator Model #: RFG298HDRS.

    Its going for 1599, but its way too much for our family of 3, since we will have our freezer in the basement, plus the beer fridge in the garage.

    On a side note, I have been following all the Black Friday ads that have been released/leaked at If you would like to do some early comparison shopping.

  4. I love your washer and dryer, and congrats on the settlement date! We are around the same time!

  5. There are great deals to be had!

    @ Me - I've been following the black friday ads and presales for the past two weeks. I love those leaked ads! Thanks for the tip on the fridge. We are looking for a 26 cu ft side-by-side. We had a french door and HATED it in our townhome! We would lose stuff in the freezer.

    @Noey- We've been living out of one room for the past 10 months. All our stuff is in storage so the moving part will be super easy for us. :)

    @Gina K- living with parents for 10 months does have an upside. We've been squirreling away every penny!

    @Jay and Danielle- thanks! I know you are just as excited as we are!!

  6. Wow! Those are great deals? We've been scoping out furniture and appliances to get a feel for how much we'll need to spend on what we want. Where did u score that awesome deal on the W/D?

  7. What I meant to say was: Those are great deals! :)

  8. Wow! Sounds like you scored you some great deals!! We took advantage of the sales too and got our sofa, washer, dryer and fridge. I ended up with front loaders too but still debating on whether to switch to the top loaders. Can't wait to see more pics! I can definitely share in with your excitement!

  9. What a coincidence! We got great deals on our washer and dryer at Best Buy on Black Friday. I believe it's the same washer and dryer as yours, but we purchased ours in white.