Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Our 3rd party inspector caught windows that were wrapped incorrectly on the back of the house. Our PM agreed that they were done incorrectly and that he'd have them fixed. The inspector said everything else looked good and the quality was much better than he usually sees with new builds. He was pretty impressed! The inspector fields questions on a weekly radio show and seems really knowledgeable. Very reasonable price to pay for our peace of mind.

On another note, Guardian placed the wiring panel incorrectly in the basement and an outlet on the wrong stud in the living room. The guy came out last week and spray painted in green where my hub wanted it all to go, but they still got it wrong. Hopefully they can fix it! We haven't heard back from them yet.

We went out to the house Saturday to look at everything in detail without the distraction of the workers and discovered that we were missing our laundry tub upstairs. They didn't accidentally place it in the basement either. It seems they just forgot it. We sent the PM an email before we left the house Saturday. When my hub went for the inspection yesterday, the plumbers were back doing the pipes for the laundry tub. Yay! So glad we caught that!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Garage door already!

We got a garage door, but aren't locked out. The front door still doesn't have a lock.

We decided to get a 3rd party inspection for the pre-drywall only. The inspector only charged $185 and for my peace of mind, it's worth it. My hub is meeting him & our PM on Monday and will have a list of concerns so he can double check...mainly the huge knots in a few of the wood pieces and the large gaps between the outside panels. We're heading there tomorrow morning to look at everything in detail to see if we need to add anything else to the list.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Pre-dry wall meeting

Today is our predry wall meeting. We'll also be meeting with guardian today and going over the placement of everything. I can't believe how fast our house has gone up! They worked on it all through the weekend...even Sunday! I brought the workers cinnamon rolls on Saturday but they didn't even stop for a break while I was there.

These are from Saturday 10/15. I peaked in the windows but since the roof wasn't on, I followed the rules about staying out of the house. I'm dying to get inside and walk around!

This picture is from Sunday. Doors, windows, garage trim, and shingles are all on. It looks like a real house!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Let the framing begin! And fireplace issues

Framing started yesterday and we are beyond excited!!

These pictures were taken at around 3pm

The next picture was taken at 7pm! Crazy how much got done in just a few hours!

We were given the bad news that we have to change our stone selection for the fireplace. It's between Aspen, Bucks Cnty, and San Francisco. We cannot make up our minds! Any suggestions? It's so tough to tell what it will look like on a fireplace. Sure wish Ryan Homes would have pictures of completed fireplaces with each stone.