Monday, September 26, 2011

Late Upgrade!

After I found out what the cabinet crown molding was, I really regretted not adding that to our upgrades. It really adds a little something to the look of the kitchen and it's really inexpensive. We asked the sale rep if this could be added and he told us our timeframe for changing options was long past. I didn't want to push the issue and instead looked into adding it later. My hub is quite the handy man so I wasn't really worried. Last week we got a surprise call from our sales rep who added the molding!! No charge! Woohoo! We have been so happy with our Ryan Homes experience so far!

I think they were supposed to pour the foundation today, but we haven't been by the lot yet. This is what it looked like Thursday. It rained Friday so nothing else was done.


  1. That was really nice of your sales rep! I'm glad that worked out for you. We haven't made much progress either due to the rain. The basement walls are suppose to go in tomorrow. We'll see!!

  2. I'm so jealous!! Wish we had crown molding. I was told we were out of luck when I asked after the fact. Nice!

  3. We went by the lot yesterday and our walls had been poured. Woohoo! SW-I'm sure yours will be today!
    I thought it was really nice of him too! Especially since we didn't really push the issue. And I was thrilled there was no late charge. If there had been one, we would have just done it ourselves. I think it's probably one of the easier do-it-yourself projects.

  4. Cabinet crown molding sure looks very pretty. Glad you got it.

  5. @Noey - Home Depot carries Timberlake cabinets under the name of American Woodmark. They sell the crown molding and it's very inexpensive. I don't know if your DH is handy or not, but I'm sure it could be done pretty easily.
    @marishness - Congrats on getting the crown molding. Your SR sounds awesome!