Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Let the framing begin! And fireplace issues

Framing started yesterday and we are beyond excited!!

These pictures were taken at around 3pm

The next picture was taken at 7pm! Crazy how much got done in just a few hours!

We were given the bad news that we have to change our stone selection for the fireplace. It's between Aspen, Bucks Cnty, and San Francisco. We cannot make up our minds! Any suggestions? It's so tough to tell what it will look like on a fireplace. Sure wish Ryan Homes would have pictures of completed fireplaces with each stone.


  1. They all seem very similar! I think there are some bloggers who got the bucks one.

    Did they say why you had to change it?

    I'm sorry you have to do this.

    The first one seems to have bigger stones with some accent color stones.

    The second one seems to also be bigger stones but all uniform in color.

    The last one seems to have the accent stones like the first, but the sizes and the way it's laid out is different.

    I know you'll find the one right for you. GL!

  2. Yes, it is amazing the amount of work they get done in just a span of a few hours! I like the first picture of the stones the most.

  3. we have Aspen on our fireplace and we love it. however, i do really like the 1st picture with the varity of size stones. our stones are all the same shape and pretty blah, but we love the contract of colors. check out my blog to see some pictures or let me know if you want me t send you a picture

  4. I love the first one!! I like (imo) The first, then third, then second. Not crazy about the rubble. I like the design but the one color is a bit (like HW said) blah. But again ...thats only my opinion. Im sure you'll fine the perfect one to compliment your decor.

  5. I was wondering how your progress was going! Isn't it exciting to see the lumber turn into a house? LOL..Framing is going to go super fast. You should see a roof by Thursday or Friday! I love the first one. I love the variation in colors and the round stones vs the normal rectangular ones. We didn't have the option of round stones here. :(

  6. I like the bucks county rubble!! But, from the comments, I think you and your future guests will love whatever fireplace you get.

  7. Love to see the progress. We have a Bucks County Ledgestone fireplace and LOVE the way it turned out...excellent mix of colors. I have just added a new post to our blog and there are a couple of pictures of the fireplace there...here's the link:


  8. Think about what kind of colors you will have in the house. Are you going for warm colors or cool colors. For warm colors, I would go with the first one, for cool colors, go for the last one. I love stone with lots of different sizes and colors - we picked Susquehanna stone for ours - matches the front of our house.

  9. @Noey Our sales rep thought that the stone we picked could be made into a fireplace, but it turns out it's only for the outside of houses. I'm not really sure why...but bottom line was that we have to pick out new stone.
    We are leaning towards the Aspen because we think the bucks cnty will blend in with our carpet. I'm not great at making these decisions!
    I think Gina K is right...we're thinking warmer colors so we'll probably go with Aspen. The last one looks so industrial and a little too modern for me anyway. It's so tough to visualize on a fireplace so I'm forever thankful for your pictures!!
    @SW I'm so glad you fixed your blog so we can comment again :)

  10. I was just coming to post a link to BD's page with his fireplace, but he beat me to it. lol