Monday, October 17, 2011

Pre-dry wall meeting

Today is our predry wall meeting. We'll also be meeting with guardian today and going over the placement of everything. I can't believe how fast our house has gone up! They worked on it all through the weekend...even Sunday! I brought the workers cinnamon rolls on Saturday but they didn't even stop for a break while I was there.

These are from Saturday 10/15. I peaked in the windows but since the roof wasn't on, I followed the rules about staying out of the house. I'm dying to get inside and walk around!

This picture is from Sunday. Doors, windows, garage trim, and shingles are all on. It looks like a real house!


  1. Very nice! Ours will be a walkout, too. Our street is the only one like that - all the others are walk-ups. Let us know how your meeting goes.

  2. Your house is surely looking beautiful. Let us know how the pre-drywall meeting goes. Good luck!

  3. Your house looks amazing! And it looks huge! I'm so envious of your walk-out basement. You're going to love it! How did the pre-drywall meeting go? Our pre-drywall is on Thursday.

  4. The meeting went great! No issues so far and everything is right on track. They are doing plumbing today and electrical Wednesday & Thursday. HVAC was complete yesterday. We'll have a garage door on Friday so we'll be locked out. It's starting to really feel like our house. We're going back Friday to take pictures/video of all the rooms before the drywall goes up (should be next monday).

    There's only one or two other lots for a walk out basement in the community. It was a must-have on our list so it really narrowed down our lot selection. :)

  5. I'm with you Maryishness on the walk out. We got a lot that allows the walk out. We will not finish the basement and I am looking forward to being able to pull the lawn mower, harley, bicycles, etc... into the basement for maintenance, winter, etc...
    not sure the wife likes the harley in the basement idea though! haha.